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New Directions High School

"Another Choice, Another Chance"

New Directions High School is an alternative education high school. It is unique in that it provides an individual educational plan for each student. Our small size allows the staff to get to know each student individually and to accommodate the different learning styles needed to help the students reach their goals.

Flexible scheduling helps our students succeed. For more information on our unique schedule and classes, visit our Opportunities page.

The curriculum and requirements at New Directions are the same as Big Rapids High School and students graduate with the same diploma as those at the high school.

It makes us happy to see that former students trust that we will do our best for their children.

We have a great staff and a casual atmosphere that appeals to students from all educational backgrounds.

The casual atmosphere allows us to speak plainly when a student gets off track. We always welcome parents to call with questions or just drop in and check on the kids. (You would get a chuckle seeing the students faces when mom comes in to chat.)

Our Mission Statement

"To provide a diverse student population the opportunity to acquire a high school diploma in a non-traditional setting. Students will learn in an atmosphere of acceptance, strive to reach their fullest potential, communicate effectively, and contribute positively to the community; all while overcoming adversity."